Thursday, 30 January 2014

Thesis Defence

I finally finish my thesis final draft. It was no easy work, yet I was excited to do every single page of it. I complained and whined a lot, but I enjoyed working on it. Now, I am really really happy I could hand it in on time. At the last minutes, actually.

My thesis defence will be around 10-14 February 2014. Wish me luck^^


  1. Well, i don't even have any idea how come i visit your blog, but i like the way you write. i love your post "jendela apartemen". but i cant comment there, i just wanna comment here and wish you tons of luck for your thesis even i don't even know you.

    it would be a pleasure if you visit my blog hehe

  2. Whoa thank you :) It's becoming a motivation for me to write more. I visited your blog but it's been a long time since you posted something there. Do you have any other places to write where I can visit?

  3. hahaha i don't have any other place. yes it was long time since my last post, the life after college is totally different, i don't have any time nor passion to write. i miss my dorm where i can write every little thing inside/outside my mind.

    btw, im curious with blue jasmine after i read your review, i'll download it later. or maybe do you have the link?

    if i may suggest you, you have to sort out your labels clearly

  4. I couldn't agree more! College and working life are very different. It's been days for me to since the last time I write. If so, I haven't been able to finish the piece.

    Blue Jasmine is an incredible movie, but I don't recommend it to you if you're feeling gloomy hihi. You'll feel worse.

    Yes I have problems with labeling my posts -__- I don't have any exact idea on how to put labels so I just click on the ones I think most suitable. Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. Here's the download link for Blue Jasmine

  6. okay i'll watch it, thanks for the link. i wanna learn how to be a real sosialita hahaha.

    Are you studying at trisakti? What major?
    It must be difficult finishing a thesis, but it has much fun right?
    I did really really enjoying for the process. But I was disappointed for the assessment, too much subjectivity.

  7. Yeah I bet it will be good on you :))

    No I study at President University in Cikarang. Yes it is really fun and challenging!
    Too bad, but I think we cannot complain much, right? The examiners are certificated, anyway.

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