Friday, 5 September 2014

ISFiT 2015, The Biggest International Student Festival Is Around the Corner!

I first knew about ISFiT from three friends of mine who uploaded their photos attending ISFiT 2013. I thought, “Whoa. What is it? It seems awesome!” I asked them about the event, and they told me that it was a kind of international festival from students. I googled about ISFiT afterwards.

Cool, man. It really is an awesome event.

ISFiT stands for International Student Festival in Trondheim (Norway). It is the biggest student festival on the globe. Yes. It. Is. Therefore, of course you have to be excited. 

I decided to join the next ISFiT, but it turns out ISFiT is only held once every two year. I had just graduated from my university, so currently I am not a student. Therefore, I think I will not be able to participate in ISFiT 2015. 

Issaka Ouro-Wetchire, ISFiT 2015 Ambassador from Togo

Then, on a sunny day several weeks ago, I suddenly felt the need to open and found a way to participate in it. It was to become an ISFiT ambassador. I filled up the registration form, and apparently I was chosen as one of the ambassadors! ISFiT said that I should get my ambassador package which will let me know what I should do as one, but I haven’t got it yet. However, I believe I should not wait for it any longer because I can just tell you through my writing how awesome ISFiT 2015 will be!

“ISFiT is a non-profit organization and is brought to life with the efforts of more than 400 student volunteers. The vision of ISFiT is to create a better future for young people in the world. ISFiT is arranged every other year, and each festival has a theme related to social and political topics with international relevance. The festival is held in the city of Trondheim, Norway. Here, over 450 students from all over the world gather to attend 18 different workshops and take part in the cultural program of the festival.” - ISFiT website.

We, the young generations of Indonesia, should feel excited about ISFiT 2015’s theme because it is about CORRUPTION. I believe that you are included in the part of this country who wants to make Indonesia better. I believe that you want to take actions to bring Indonesia into betterment, too. I know some of you are getting sick of how Indonesian government rule this nation. ISFiT gives us, the young generations of Indonesia, a great opportunity to do more for our nations. If you want to give something to Indonesia, I believe joining ISFiT will be one fabulous way to start.

In my opinion, corruption is not always about a government officer who steal money from our country. Yes, it is a very terrible way of corrupting, but we can’t just focus on that big thing without concerning about the small ones. Corruption is not always about stealing money. Corruption is cheating with time, stealing someone’s happiness, be injustice, act indifferent, and whatever that is not beneficial. If we do not act from ourselves, we will not be able to change our nations. Every change should start from within, right? :)

I really encourage you to join ISFiT 2015! You may join as a participant or ambassador, just like me! Spare your time to read about the event, and register yourself on If you have any inquiries, you can contact me at anytime and I will be happy to help.

Be inspiring!


  1. Very cool, you did a very good job. But please, my suggestion is that, it would be good if you could add the picture of ISFIT 2015's president Marius Jones. Best wishes to you dearest Sui Tan Antara. Extend my greatings to all Indonesian brothers and siters

  2. Keren!!! Setelah baca tulisan mba saya jadi trigger untuk ikut Isfit 2019, maaf sebelum nya boleh minta email mba nya untuk tanya2? Terimakasih

  3. Boleh! You can reach me out at suviantara at gmail dot com ya.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!