Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Writing as an Obligation

I have been wanting to be a writer since like seven years ago, but I haven't written anything book-ish since then. Pathetic, right? My extremely short attention span was the first thing I blame. The truth is, I am afraid that no one will read and respond what I write and I am scared that I will not finish even a 300-500 words piece of writing. In fact, I should write everytime I can to keep myself occupied with writing.

The last time I write voluntarily was more than a month ago and it is saddening. I call myself a writer yet I don't write for more than a month?

Of course I have many ideas running inside my head. Of course I want to write everyday. Yet. I. Procrastinate. Everyday. Too. I can find many reasons to postpone writing. I need silence. I need good cafe. I need company. I need coffee. I need rain. My mood is screwed at the moment. I need inspiration. And. Many. Others.

I need to stop this and start writing again. No matter how short it is.

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