Friday, 17 April 2015

A Journey to the South Coast of Lampung

Some people are saving money so they can travel the world.
Some people are saving money only God knows why.
Some people are saving money to buy their future house (and home).
Some people are saving money to buy gadget.
Me? (mostly) I save my money so I can buy things I suddenly need (or want). I save money so I feel safe. But I make sure I enjoy spending money as it is hard earning it. I mean, what is the point of having much money but you do not enjoy it, right?

Since I have my own money, I told myself to spend it more on visiting interesting places. They don't have to be tourism places. I spent the week before by visiting my close friends in Palembang, and the following week, my On The Job Training partner invited me to visit some more beaches. Of course I would love to join her, since I myself is a more beach person than mountain person. We then decided to visit Sari Ringgung beach, in the south coast of Lampung. We invited one more person from office and he gladly accompanied us.

Sari Ringgung beach was awesome. Not many people had known about it yet, so the beach was still quite clean, neat, and not crowded. We had to pay 40k IDR in total for three people and one car. You can enjoy snorkeling, riding banana boat, or even kayaking in here. The place was hot, but since it was windy, it was okay.

A Glimpse of Sari Ringgung

Le Me and My OJT Partner
After having some coconut slurpies, we decided to drove away Sari Ringgung and just went around the south coast. The view was astonishing. Have you ever watched Japanese anime where the characters rode their bikes with sea-side view? My scenery looked exactly like that.

Seaside Scenery

Less than three meters only from the beach
What's good in the journey we went into is that there were no garbage (only a very few amount of it). It's so refreshing to see such scenery. I mean, after a five-day-work, it is justifiable for us to enjoy the rest of the week. Go make yourself happy. Eat your favorite food, buy things you want, go to any place you desire, visit somewhere new.

Don't be stingy of your money because you can earn it again. Spend the best of it and make yourself happy, your parents happy, your friends happy. Oh, and always remember to donate. Even though it's only an offer from your cellular provider, even though it's only a donation box in the mosque near your house.

I felt really happy that day! I could see the waves, I saw many happy faces from kids who played with the splashing sea water, parents who whined over their naughty children that run around. I felt happy watching other people do their activities, let alone natives. What's more comforting is that Sari Ringgung is still clean. I am so pissed with people who litter everywhere, anywhere they go. My close friends must have known this character of mine. I get mad over people that litter from their car windows. It's disgusting. I mean, all of us must be able to take care of our own shit. It's easy to do yet people are too lazy to get up and look for a trash bin. My bad habit is that I still prefer water bottle over tumblr.

Well at least, make sure you don't throw your rubbish at tourism places. We have the responsibility to keep it clean, so when you visit it again later, you won't see unpleasant things.

Love the country, love the nature, love ourselves.
Thank you for reading!

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