Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Unfinished Writing

You have been away from pen and paper for too long, you cannot finish a single piece of writing.
You have been so tired of the world, you cannot even elaborate what you feel into words.
You have been so disappointed, you decide to left it unsaid so you won't have to remember it again.
You have been so angry, you decided to shut the fuck up because you know saying it will not worth it.

Life is so funny, God is so powerful. Every time you think you've done, every time you think you've had enough, God always stretch your limit.

Whenever you think, "I could not be having worse time than this.", God proves you wrong.

I've experienced it right now, to the extent that I think I can no longer hold it. I've had ENOUGH. It's beyond my tolerance, yet I have no other choice than trying to get through it, and wait for every day to pass by. I don't even care about my ambitions. I don't even care about achievement. I just think I've had ENOUGH.

I have loved writing for years; since I was in elementary school. However, I have not write a single blog post since... when.... 2015?


I write a lot, yet I never finished them. I think a lot, yet I am afraid to throw away my ideas because that's not how my current life works. It's now filled with obeying my bosses, and being in the line, not having a decent chance to improvise or being creative. I'm becoming dull.

I know every individual living in this world must have experienced what I have today. I know that every one must have had their hard times. Yesterday, I chatted with one of my bestfriends and she said very beautifully, "It'd be unfair if we expect people to fully understand us. People go through different difficulties. I've had mine, you've had yours. I'd never experience yours, neither would you. It's a paradox, about who suffer more. You cannot measure suffer."

I know this is not a beautiful piece of writing, but I decided to write anyway.
Sometimes, ugly thing is better because it is done.
Or would you rather have a beautiful but unfinished one?

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