Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Spring Day by BTS

It's been months and I haven't been able to move on from Spring Day's lyrics sung by BTS. Even the English translation is very good, I wish I could understand how it means in Korean. I mean, translation is good, but it won't do justice to the actual lyrics, idioms, word choice, vocabularies chosen by them (mostly Namjoon).

It’s all winter here, even in August
My heart is running on the time
Alone on the Snowpiercer
Wanna get to the other side of the earth, holding your hand
Wanna put an end to this winter
How much longing should we see snowing down

To have the days of spring, Friend

(English translation lyrics was quoted from Genius)

Snowflakes fall down

And get farther away little by little

If you read the lyrics here, it may not give you the right and proper feels.

I read this while listening to their soothing voices.
Sometimes I watch the music video.

The recent episode of Bon Voyage, Jin played Spring Day in their car.

Several days ago, V(ante) posted several photos of their BV memory, and it hits me again.

BTS in New Zealand, taken from @BTS_twt

I always want to go to New Zealand and I hope in 2021 I can make my dream come true.